Recap: Redding Rock N Roots 9K

July 1st was the Redding Rock N Roots 9K. It was an Independence Day themed race that took runners through the town of Redding, Connecticut.

I always love a good themed race, and this one did not disappoint. There were people dressed in costume during bib pickup in the morning. Some of those people were moved to spots throughout the course.


I love these Redding races, because the swag is always top notch. We received a shirt, pen, razor, and cup before the race started.


There was some overcast before the race began, but luckily there were only a few periods of light rain while running.


The hills along the course were more of an issue than the rain. There were 2-3 large hills to conquer. It was more or less an out and back course, so any hills we tackled one way, we revisited on the way back.

Traffic wasn’t completely closed, but we didn’t encounter too many cars.


One of the most fun aspects about this race was the medal. It was really well thought out, with a lot of great details.


This was a fun way to kick off my Fourth of July weekend, and definitely on the list for next year.


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