Resort Recap: Caribbean Beach – Pirate Room

I am a sucker for novelties and I love themed everything. Everytime it’s “shut up and take my money.”

When Walt Disney World’s Caribbean Beach came out with pirate themed rooms I knew that I had to stay at one on my next trip. The more pirated themed, the better, and Disney did not disappoint.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is a part of their moderately priced resorts. A step up above the value ones, but not quite deluxe.

To be honest, I had never stayed at Caribbean Beach previously because I was intimidated by its size and the idea of an internal bus service. There are so many hotel rooms spread out over such a large area that they have implemented a bus service within the resort. You are still able to walk to the food court or park buses on your own, but if you’re looking for a faster option then the buses would be a better choice.

Regardless, I didn’t care how long any walk was, I was staying in a pirate themed room.

The paths are beautiful to walk on as well. I was surprised at how often the internal buses ran, but as a New Yorker, it is engrained in me to walk everywhere.


The resort itself is beautiful. It’s so colorful, with an island inspired feel.

The pirate rooms are set back a little on the resort. It makes sense they would want to redecorate them, as to make them more desirable to stay in.

The outside of the pirate themed rooms look just like the regular ones, but when you open the door you are in for a real treat.

Disney really went to town with the pirate theme and took every detail to heart. Your beds are now pirate ships, which I think has been everyone’s fantasy at one point or another.

They’re beautifully constructed and super fun to sleep on.


The table looks like a giant compass. The television sits atop what appear to be wooden crates. However, those are actually the drawers. There is also a barrel which is actually your refrigerator. They did a fantastic job of camouflaging everything.


Right outside of our room were several hammocks set up on actual sand overlooking the water. It was so peaceful.


The main food options at this resort are the quick service options at Old Port Royale, or a sit-down meal at Shutters.

On our walk to get food we spotted this “charming” Disney surprise of a pirate coffin.



The food area also houses a merchandise shop, and is right by the pools. The pools are quite fun, as they almost look like giant sand castles with cannons and pirate themed accessories.


This resort is definitely an experience you should have at least once in your life. I think it might be a little hard to navigate with babies and toddlers, but older kids will definitely have a blast. It has perfect amounts of fun and whimsy for kids and beauty and relaxation for adults. This should go on your Disney bucket list.




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