Resort Recap: Yacht Club

On my first trip to Walt Disney World, I spotted a couple wearing Mickey Ears attached to a veil and a top hat with Mickey Ears. Clearly, they were on their honeymoon. I had no idea that was even an option- to honeymoon in Disney. I had to be 9 or 10 at the time but from that point on I had to make it known to everyone that I would be having a Disney honeymoon.

Luckily, when I got married, my husband was more than excited to have a Disney honeymoon. He toyed with the idea of us visiting multiple countries, which was supplied with EPCOT, so everybody won.

For such a special occasion I wanted a special hotel, and we also wanted a long trip. We decided to stay at Disney’s Yacht Club.

Since the hotel shares the property with Beach Club, one my ask why to choose one over the other. The Beach Club is in closer proximity to the quick service food, and pool area, but for such a short work you can enjoy the same amenities staying at Yacht Club.

Plus, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper. You can save well over $100+ per night at Yacht Club instead of Beach Club. And we all know we can find a use for that saved money.

The resort was also very generous to us. My mother called ahead to mention it was our honeymoon and they upgraded us to a balcony room.

Our honeymoon, or aptly titled Disneymoon took place in October, which is actually an excellent time to stay at Disney’s Yacht Club. Besides the weather being a bit cooler, it also coincides with the Food and Wine Festival in EPCOT. Now, what would that have to do with the Yacht Club you may ask? Well, there is a not so secret entrance into EPCOT along the walkway of the Beach/Yacht Club area, which leads you right into the World Showcase.

More on that later. Let’s dive into the digs.

The outside of the property is stunning. Everything is perfectly manicured.



The lobby was so spectacular and ornate, with a giant globe right in the middle.




Our room was pristine. There were little nautical touches and hidden Mickeys everywhere.





The view from our balcony was gorgeous. We could see the rest of the property, and had a great view of the water in front of us.


The bathroom was very nice as well. Everything was very clean, and there were even some more nautical touches, and hidden Mickeys on the shower curtain.




Outside of the hotel there is a lighthouse that marks the location for people who want to take boats to EPCOT or Hollywood Studios. If you did not want to take a boat,  EPCOT is a really short walk, and while it’s a tad longer, you can also walk on your own to Hollywood Studios from Yacht Club.


There’s also a gazebo on the property where couples can exchange or renew vows.


There is a beach area outside of the hotel outside with real sand. There’s no swimming, but you can relax in a lounge chair or a swing they have on the property.


One of the really lovely features of the resort is the pool. It is shared with Beach Club members, and anyones who enters has to show proof they are actually staying at the hotel.



The coolest part though was the giant slide you can go down. That will make you a kid at heart really quick.


When it comes to getting a bite to eat, there are a few options. Right by the pool is Hurricane Hanna’s if you’re looking for a quick bite or drink. There’s casual seated dining at Captain’s Grille (which is currently undergoing refurbishments), and fine dining at Yachtsman Steakhouse. Of course you can always check out what Beach Club is offering for quick service and other dining options.

If you feel like venturing past Beach Club, the great thing about these hotels is that they’re all connected to the boardwalk, and Boardwalk Inn.

This loop also makes for a great running path in the morning.

The boardwalk has tons of dining options and entertainment, so you really have everything at your fingertips.




As I’ve stated before, as a New Yorker, I walk everywhere all of the time. Being able to have so many restaurants around me without having to worry about buses is amazing. Walking to the parks cannot be beat as well. Though Hollywood studios has a longer walk, it’s along the beautiful water and it feels like no time at all. The walk to EPCOT is great, and especially during Food and Wine festival it gives you the easiest access to all of those cultural treats.


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